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A World Without Princes

Soman Chainani

Published 4/2014, Harper

A World Without Princes by Soman Chainani is the sequel to The School for Good and Evil.  A World Without Princes focuses on friendship, and trusting each other, and in that sense it is like the first book. But this book is not about Good vs. Evil, it’s Girls vs. Boys!!

When Agatha makes a wish for a different happy ending, the doors to the school are opened once again and EVERYTHING has changed.  Sophie and Agatha’s happy ending has shown that the girls don’t need a prince to be happy and the school for GOOD is now the school for GIRLS!!  Worst of all Tedros has an army of princes and all kinds of boys hunting for Sophie.  Tedros wants revenge against Sophie because she “stole” Agatha from him.  Agatha is very suspicious of the new schoolmaster and is focused on uncovering dark secrets about her.

This book had me pulled two ways wondering who was good and who was evil, and what decisions were truly for good.  In this book you never know what will happen next.  Even if you feel a deeper connection with a certain character you may start to trust a different character more.  At the end it all comes down to the biggest decision yet, and wondering what is stronger love or friendship?

-Max B., 10 years old

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Wild Boy
Rob Lloyd Jones
Published 8/2013, Candlewick

Wild Boy is a great book with a compelling selection of characters and a mysterious plot. When a boy born covered in hair is taken to a freak show, he begins to develop  amazing powers of deduction, and when a murder occurs at the fair, Wild Boy is ready to solve it. Except, he and his kind of friend, kind of enemy Clarissa have been framed for it, running from the police.When another murder happens, all evidence points to them. Wild Boy must find the connection to a mysterious, unknown object called “the Machine.” However when he finds it, does he really want to destroy it?

This is a marvelous mystery with a well thought out plot. Readers will be trying to solve the mystery along with Wild Boy, deduction prodigy or not. Fans of Sherlock Holmes or Hercule Poirot will be fascinated with a new twist on a mystery. What if the detective was on the run? What if friends are not who they seem? What if the main character was a mistreated “freak” who would do anything for a new body? With a fascinating plot, well thought-out characters, and grim descriptions, this a perfect book for the mystery fan. 

-Justin S., 11 years old

Sometimes Just One Is Just Right Special Storyhour with Gayle Byrne
Saturday, September 14 at 10:30am

Special guest storyteller Gayle Byrne proves that one doesn’t have to be loneliest number with her winsome illustrated book Sometimes Just One is Just Right. Gayle will delight attending children with a reading and a puppet friend, then lead them in fun coloring activities.
Sometimes Just One is Just Right is a lighthearted story about an only child who learns to appreciate being “just one”.
Reservations are recommended. Please call Bank Street Bookstore or join the Facebook event at

Giant Dance Party Special Storyhour with Betsy Bird
Saturday, September 14 at 2:30pm

Enjoy a rollicking good time with author Betsy Bird at a special storyhour reading of her picture book Giant Dance Party. Betsy will put on her boogie-down blue boots and lead kids in a mini dance.
Betsy Bird knows all there is to know about kids and books. She is the New York Public Library’s youth collections specialist, she writes a blog hosted by School Library Journal, and has served on the Newbery Medal committee.
Brandon Dorman, an award-winning artist whose work can be found in The Wizard, and on the covers of Fablehaven and Goosebumps, brings the giants and their dance moves to life with his colorful illustrations.
Reservations are recommended. Please call Bank Street Bookstore or join the Facebook event at
Twice as Nice: Wendy Mass and Suzanne Selfors at Bank Street Bookstore
Thursday, September 19 at 4:30pm

You won’t want to miss the dynamic author duo of Wendy Mass (Pi In The Sky) and Suzanne Selfors (The Sasquatch Escape: The Imaginary Veterinary) Mass and Selfors are a twice-as-nice combo bringing you double the fun with their two exciting new novels for kids.

 Pi In The Sky by Wendy Mass chronicles the adventures of Joss, the seventh son of the Supreme Overlord of the Universe. Unfortunately, Joss’ not-so-great job is delivering  pies which hold the secrets of the universe. But when Earth suddenly disappears, Joss must figure out how to bring it back, with the help of  Annika, an outspoken Earth-girl.

Suzanne Selfors’ The Sasquatch Escape: The Imaginary Veterinary delivers a wild escapade filled with mythical creatures and zany action. When Ben Silverstein and Pearl Petal discover a secret hospital for imaginary creatures, called Dr. Woo’s Worm Hospital, the two adventurous heroes set out on an epic search for a huge, stinky, and hairy runaway Sasquatch.

Mordicai Gerstein at Fractured Fables Puppet Theater
Sunday, September 15 at 1pm

Mordicai Gerstein, Caldecott Medal-winning author, artist and filmmaker, comes to Bank Street Bookstore to read his latest outstanding children’s books. 

Mordicai will appear as a special guest author at the Fractured Fables puppet show on Sunday, September 15, to share How To Bicycle to the Moon to Plant Sunflowers: A Simple but Brilliant Plan in 24 Easy Steps, and The First Drawing.

Little Miss Muffet Special Storyhour with Iza Trapani
Saturday, September 21 at 10:30am

Young children are sure to be delighted when special guest Iza Trapani reads her new picture book, Little Miss Muffet at the Bookstore’s Sept 21 story hour. 
Trapani has written and illustrated numerous nursery rhyme extension books, including Here We Go ‘Round the Mulberry Bush, which was selected as a Bank Street College of Education Best Children’s Books of 2007.

No Fits, Nilson! Special Story Hour with Zach Ohora
Thursday, June 20 at 10:30am

A special story hour with guest storyteller Zach Ohora as he reads his hilarious preschool book, No Fits, Nilson! 

No Fits, Nilson! follows the tantrum-filled antics of Nilson the Gorilla and his buddy Amelia. Nilson and Amelia do everything together. But if one little thing goes wrong, Nilson throws the biggest, most house shaking-est fit ever! Amelia helps Nilson control his gorilla-sized temper by promising him banana ice cream and letting him play with her froggy coin purse. But, sometimes, Amelia needs to be calmed down, too.

Inspired by Ohora’s own “negotiations” with his two sons, No Fits, Nilson! is a hilarious preschool pick for kids and parents navigating the treacherous tantrum phase.

Reservations recommended. Call Bank Street Bookstore at 212-678-1654 or reserve at

Origami Demonstration with Asher Epstein
Saturday, September 7 at 2:30pm

Kids rule at this fancy Origami demonstration led by 9-year-old origami artist Asher Epstein. 

For the demonstration Asher will show how he makes some of his more complicated figures, and then instruct step by step on how to make a ninja star. Participants also get to walk away with an origami original created by Asher.

Reservations are recommended. Please call Bank Street Bookstore or join the Facebook event at

Yom Kippur Special Presented by Fractured Fables Puppet Theater
Sunday, September 8 at 1pm

A Yom Kippur message for kids is found in a special guest reading of The Hardest Word by Jacqueline Jules

The Ziz, a gigantic and clumsy, but well-intentioned bird, has to find the Hardest Word in order to fix the damage he caused in an unfortunate Yom Kippur accident.

The Hardest Word will be read by special guests Rabbi Marci Jacob Aronchick and Rabbi Jeremy Kalmanofsky, with a little help from the puppets from Yippee Skippy Puppet Theater.